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Get The Sweet Touch London Look

Get The Sweet Touch Look

  • Charlie

    SWEET TOUCH London worked closely with the makeup expert and sensation Charlie and put together a few tips for makeup enthusiasts. Here are some pro-tips she had in store for you which can be easily practiced using SWEET TOUCH products.

    Perfect Contouring with Lipstick

    “Try using a brown lipstick to contour instead of powders, simply draw a line use your cheekbones and along your hair then bled out with a buffing brush. The lipstick gives skin a fresh dewy finish rather than a flat, matte powder.”

    Gucci Westman, Make-Up Artist

    Instantly Awake Eyes

    “Apply a small dot of metallic pinkie blush in the centre of the lower lashes to make eyes look wide-awake and brighter.”

    Dominique Samuel, Make-Up Artist

    Lip Stain Finish

    “Mix a balm and lipstick on the back of your hand, but don’t apply it with your fingers – press it on with a make-up sponge. It gives lips a seamless, blown-out finish.”

    Pat McGrath, Make-Up Artist

    Royal Skin Glow

    “If you’ve cracked your illuminating powder, don’t throw it away. Instead, mix it in with your moisturizer and pat it onto high points of the face – over the forehead and the tops of cheekbones, and down the nose. It’ll make you look like you’ve just stepped off a sun lounger.”

    Lauren Parsons, Make-Up Artist

    Dreaming about Bambi Eyes?

    “On my clients, instead of pulling the lashes outward, I pull the mascara brush toward the bridge of their nose. This actually fans the lashes open to give the eyes a starburst effect.”

    Mally Roncal, Make-Up Artist

    Smudge proof Your Eyeliner

    “Always pat a little powder eye shadow over kohl to keep it from moving.”

    Val Garland, Make-Up Artist

    The Hydration Booster

    ‘I like to mix super-hydrating rose water with foundation before applying it to the girls’ skin. It’s amazing for dry and sensitive skin.’

    Alice Lane, Make-Up Artist

    A very important tip for all makeup enthusiasts is ‘Know your tools’. Makeup brushes, sponges, beauty blenders etc. all have a purpose. For instance, for a light coverage of your foundation, use your fingertips, for medium illuminating coverage take to the brush and for a thick heavy one, a beauty sponge is the answer. Know when to use regular brush or a winged brush for liner application. It is the right tools combined with the right products that help create a flawless look.

  • Annette

    Annette is a Make-Up Artist of Italian origin living in London at the moment. She moved to London when she was 18 to completely change the way women look at and feel about themselves and more importantly how men see them.

    Here are some priceless tips from her makeup diary to create an impeccable look:

    “Where I come from, girls start wearing makeup from the age of 16. They use whatever they get their hands on without knowing what enhances their natural beauty and gifted features”, says Annette. “I love the classic Smokey cat eyes and Red lips but nude natural makeup is what the fashion divas have set as a trend this season. As it happens, I’ve put together some handy tips with which you can easily achieve perfection like you’re a pro.”

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    Subtle eyes:

    SWEET TOUCH London’s nude tones can be quite the tool to create a look au natural for whatever the occasion maybe. Add a touch of beige for soft edgy glow, otherwise use bronzes or browns for a denser look. Sweet Touch Brown Liner can be used to throw some focus on the eyelids. Use lengthening mascara and curl up your lashes for a more graceful look. Last but not least, add a little pearl coloured highlighter on the inner side of your eyes so you look energetic and like you’re going to take over the world.

    Peachy or colourless lips:

    If you want your lipstick to stay put, start by applying a layer of lip balm or oil. This will not only moisturize your lips but will provide a good base for the lipstick to give the perfect look. This season, apart from sexy coloured lips, a natural peachy matte touch with slightly blurred boundaries is the norm. Natural lip glosses are also very trendy since they give a plump moist tempting feel to the lips making them irresistible. SWEET TOUCH London has numerous offerings for lips to create the catalogue look you want.

    Dense and Well-defined Eyebrows:

    A well-shaped pair of eyebrows takes a good makeup look to the next level. Get SWEET TOUCH London’s special Eyebrow gel to shape your patchy eyebrows the way you desire and accentuate the look created.

    Glowy Skin:

    A little cleansing and moisturizing before creating your makeup look comes handy, be it for a morning meeting or an evening party look. A flawless radiant skin can be achieved with six basic items – Primer, Base Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Highlight and Contour amalgamation, and a stay on blush. Employ these steps for the same:

    Set a good routine by applying a SWEET TOUCH Matte Primer. This will moisturise and nourish the skin from within, filling fine lines and creases that give skin the flawless look.

    Apply a medium to heavy coat of Foundation. SWEET TOUCH London has a wide variety of choices for Foundations. The best would be to opt for the one with built-in SPF for a protective layer.

    Do not underestimate the power of a concealer. Use it to cover dark circles, patchy spots, pigmentation, and everything else that the foundation ends up missing.

    Use a loose powder to create a good final finish.

    Add some colour to enhance facial features. You may use a good contouring kit, bronzer, or a highlight Mineral Face Powder.

    “Makeup is all about experimentation till you perfect the art and art brings in creativity. Each of us is an artist, if we harness it. Hopefully with my tips, you’ll be able to fuel that creativity inside and create your best makeup looks with SWEET TOUCH London products.”

  • Make Up Artist Helene Pfender

    Helene is a makeup artist from Paris. She grew up in the fashion capital of the world, the city of perfumes amidst fashionistas. Helene shares some of her wisdom for all budding makeup artists.

    “A luminous skin is the answer to all makeup woes. Once you perfect the art, it might be the only look you’d want to create. Add these to your basket of happiness and you’ll get an impeccable healthy looking face.”

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    Primers usually add longevity to your makeup and provide a good base to whatever comes next. A medium coverage of a primer on the face works through the fine lines and pores of your skin. Fortunately, Sweet Touch London’s Primer Foundation has perfected the art of gleaming skin.


    Bags under your eyes, puffiness, darker T-Zone, all can be magically covered just by employing a little concealer before moving on to Foundation. With a good concealer, no one will be able to tell how sleep deprived you are. It hides wrinkles and porous corners of your face too and works its way through any signs of ageing.

    Full Coverage Foundation:

    There is nothing that a Full Coverage Foundation can’t fix. A radiant skin is just a few strokes of the application brush away. With Sweet Touch London’s foundation, a flawless finish can be achieved. The trick is to apply foundation layer by layer, working towards pigmented areas with thicker coverage.

    A Matte Finish:

    Makeup time can be fundamentally multiplied by just a touch of a matte powder. A luminous shine is incomplete without Sweet Touch London’s Twin Cake by your side. Sometimes, the product works best after light coverage of foundation as it performs both functions of rejuvenating and packing your facial skin.

    Spend time on your face and the rest will all fall into place.

  • Makeup Professional and Skincare Expert – Emily Tyler

    Having been closely associated with a Skincare Clinic and Institute, Emily Tyler knows how damaging substandard makeup products can be to skin. Sweet Touch London had the privilege of compiling some professional skincare and makeup tips that you can make a part of your makeup regime.

    “Every now and then, we find out how certain ingredients used by makeup producers ruin skin. Use of Carmine, Mineral Oil, Bleaching agents etc. is a common practice, so we got to take care of ourselves with a good routine.”

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    Some gems from her expert corner are:

    Cleanse and wash your skin with a good makeup remover/makeup wipes every night before going to bed. Rub a moisturizer on your face for a healthy looking skin.

    A powerful exfoliator comes very handy. Use it once every week, over the weekends after a good toner and you’ll look flushed, unfolding new realms of baby skin under your epidermis.

    To make your lip colour last longer, moisturize lips using a lip balm or primer. It will hydrate the skin on your lips, even the hardest layers of dead one setting above them.

    Apply a miniscule amount of light pink blush over your jawline to make it gleam. A peachy highlighter would also do the same magic. It would put a lot of emphasis on your jawline, uncovering the svelte corners of your beautiful face.

    Know the angles of your face. There are several ways to define and enhance your natural beauty. With right procedures and application, your face will look lit and charming.



Try using a brown lipstick to contour instead of powders, simply draw a line use your...

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